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Justin was referred to us by my cousin. She highly recommended him. I contacted Justin after my original loan officer gave us a very unfavorable offer. Justin not only went above and beyond in helping us refinance. He was able to get us a lower interest rate and our payment remained about the same with cash out. I was extremely amazed. I know our situation was quite difficult, but Justin was able to navigate us to achieve what we wanted in our refi. I am very glad Justin was referred to us. I will definitely refer my friends and family in the future to use his company.

Justin was great and extremely knowledgeable in helping me refi my home. He was always available by phone or email and responded quickly! He was also very patient in educating me with all the questions I had as this was my first refi. Will definitely recommend to friends and family going forward!

Justin recently helped us refinance our mortgage. He is very thorough and incredibly responsive (sometimes he’d respond to our emails late at night, which we didn’t expect but it just shows how dedicated he is to his clients). We had a lot of questions for him throughout the process and he was very patient with us. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage lender.

Justin was help me to received a refinance at an incredible interest rate. The work was accurate and the explanation was good. I would like to ask again if there is a chance to buy a house.
-Peter lee

Just completed our case. I’m so happy to write this review about Justin. It has been three times for him to help us not only the first buying but also the second and third refinance. Whenever there is something good issues, he calls us and explain about it very friendly. Speaking this case, he did his best under the difficult situation as we are known Covid-19. It is very helpful for us to save money. Please do not hesitate to contact him. Justin is always waiting for your questions and ready to answer! Truly thank you, Justin!
-Kevin Lee

During this difficult time with Covid-19, I have been lucky to have Justin as my loan agent. I sincerely thank him for his genuine effort at all times. I will definitely contact him again in the future before moving to a larger house.
-Gloria L

I don’t know where to begin to talk about Justin and his awesome work ethic. In this line of business I’ve encountered a lot of people on the lending side and the realtor side, some good some bad, but none as great as Justin. Justin went above and beyond on every step of this loan. From the approval to all the things that went wrong, not due to Justin. He was on the phone making calls and writing emails looking out for my best interest. This was not my first time getting a home loan, this was an investment home loan, so that’s why I’m so thrilled with the work performance he provided. It had been a while since I worked with someone like this, and by far Justin has exceeded even my best experience. So if you’re looking for the best rate at the best cost possible and want someone who is going to break things down for you and answer every call or get back to in 5 minutes, then I recommend you give Justin a call and try him out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again Justin. Look forward to working with you again.
-Albert Loder

Justin reached out to me to let me know rates were at a low and helped me to refinance my home loan. I got a fantastic rate and he was very quick in getting the paperwork done and keeping me informed during the process. I highly appreciate his professionalism and helpfulness.
-Tony Zeng

If I could recommend Justin to everyone I met, I would. We were buying a town home back in December and we had so many deadlines to meet but because of the holiday season the process kept getting delayed. We were so worried but Justin worked so hard, regardless of what time it was, to make it happen. He sent countless of emails to the escrow agent and real estate agents to make sure we got our loan and move into our home on time. He doesn’t have regular business hours. He works and works until his job is done. I think it’s so hard to find someone with that kind of work ethic and we’re so glad we were introduced to him because he made the process so easy for us.
-Helen Hwang

I recently purchased a condo property this month with Justin as my mortgage broker. I opened the escrow with a major bank, but had to find new lender due to HOA issue. I reached various mortgage brokers, and they were not willing to take the case due to low possibility of getting approval. Justin is very knowledgeable with high confident, and he knows how to handle with difficult & complicate cases. Justin always explained detail of all of transactions with timely manner. He is very professional and organized. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking for purchase, refinance and any other type of transaction. Thank you Justin.

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